December 14, 2017 - Written by admin

Dear Mr. President-Elect
Please accept my warm congratulations on your victory and my
best wishes for your success as you prepare to take up the
responsibilities and challenges of your high office. I decided to
add my voice to the sincere advices addressed to you by some
nationalistic and patriotic individuals. Mr. President, very decisive
moments are ahead of you to pick up and choose the core team
(Cabinet members) who will help you run the country, develop
and implement Government policies and programs. It’s you who
should determine and allocate specific responsibilities known as
a "portfolios" to each Ministry. What matters are “the core
functions and services Ministries will deliver” not the numbers?
My proposed portfolios are:
1. Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Internal Affairs (Wasaaradda
Arrimaha Gudaha)
2. Treasury and Economic Development (Wasaaradda Maaliyadda iyo Horumarinta
3. Justice, Human Rights and Constitutional Development (Wasaaradda
Cadaaladda, Xuquuqul Insaanka iyo Horumarinta Dastuurka)
4. Defense (Wasaaradda Difaaca)
5. Education, Arts, Science and Technology (Wasaaradda Waxbarashada,
Sayniska iyo Tiknoolajiyadda)
6. Information, Telecommunication, Culture and Tourism (Wasaaradda Warfaafinta,
Boosaha, Isgaadhsiinta, Dhaqanka iyo Dalxiiska)
7. Religious Affairs and Endowment (Wasaaradda Diinta iyo Awqaafta)
8. Health and Family Welfare (Wasaaradda Caafimaadka iyo Horumarinta Qoyska)
9. Water, Energy and Mineral Resources (Wasaaradda Kheyraadka Biyaha,
Tamarta iyo Macdanta)
10. Natural Resource Management (Environment, Farming, Livestock, Fishery)
(Wasaaradda horumarinta kheyraadka badda iyo beriga)
11. Public Works (Aviation, Ports, Roads, Transport, Housing, Urban Planning, Land
Management) (Wasaaradda Hawlaha Guud)

12. Labour, Youth, Sports and Recreation (Wasaaradda Shaqada, Dhalinyarada iyo
13. Trade, Industry and Investment Promotion (Wasaaradda Ganacsiga,
Maalgashiga iyo Warshadaha)
Proposed Commissions
1. National Planning and Budgeting Commission (Guddiga Qorshaynta iyo
2. Public Service Commission (Guddiga Shaqada iyo Shaqaalaha)
3. ICT Commission (Guddiga Isgaadhsiinta)
4. Human Rights Commission (Guddiga Xuquuqul Insaanka)
5. Internally Displaced People and Refugee Commission (Guddiga
Barakacayaasha iyo Qaxoontiga)
6. Quality Control Commission (Guddiga Illaalinta Tayada)
7. HIV/AIDS Commission (Guddiga Xakamaynta Cudurka HIV/AIDS)
Other Departments
1. Auditor General’s Office (Xafiiska Hanti-dhawraha Guud)
2. Accountant General’s Office (Xafiiska Xisaabiyaha Guud)
3. Attorney General’s Office (Xafiiska Xeer-ilaaliyaha Guud)
4. Solicitor General’s Office (Xafiiska Garyaqaanka Guud)
5. Public Integrity and Accountability Office (Xafiiska daah-furnaanta, daba-galka
iyo qiimeynta)
6. Central Bureau of Statistics (Xafiiska Xog-uruurinta)
N.B we need multi-skilled, senior experts in all sectors to be part of the National
Planning and Budgeting Commission to be able to plan, prioritize and direct national
development. The function of the development coordination including bilateral and multi-
lateral will be managed by the Directorate for International Cooperation under the
Foreign Affairs.

MDS, MPH, PhD in Diplomacy and International Affairs (Candidate)
email: [email protected], tel: 063 4424497